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  1. Beginners Guide to Trading on Betfair

    This is an article from the Trading section of Betclub, in which we have a wide variety of articles and videos on trading various sports. The concept of trading, with its associated language and different types of specialized software can be quite intimidating for novices. I do not...
  2. Financial Traders at the Exchange Shop

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    The Sport Exchange Shop is the North West's Premier trading facility is pleased to host an open evening for Financial Traders. The shop facilities are already being successfully used by both financial and sports traders in markets as diverse as Crude Oil, Bonds and US Treasury Note. The trading room is a professional environment, in a modern office designed to maximise your trading profits with like minded traders.
  3. Sports Exchange Shop opening in October

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    After a few months of planning, plenty of hard work, a large dose of stress, I am delighted to announce the opening date as 7th October 2009. The Shop will have the best facilities for pre and in-running trading/gambling and give everyone the tools/environment/knowledge to have 'the edge' to be successful. There has been a huge amount of interest and I am offering 25% discount on prices for all first bookings made in September ready for opening.
  4. Sport Exchange Shop Warrington

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    During the week Victor Porter held an open day for his new Sport Exchange Shop in Warrington. This brand new Exchange Shop will be open on the 01st October and Victor and team are busy getting everything installed ready. The Shop will have the best facilities for pre and in-running trading/gambling and give everyone the tools/environment/knowledge to have ‘the edge’ to be successful.
  5. Green-up Radio

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    Green Up Radio is an essential service for serious betfair trading professionals. The service plays an alarm alert to traders approximately 10-15 seconds before the actual live start time of a horse race, not just the scheduled off time. This gives the trader ample alert time in order to close his or her position and ensure that he or she is never in the potentially devastating position of having to close their position in play.
  6. Cheltenham – Secret Betting Club

    Hello and welcome to this extra special Cheltenham Festival Issue produced by the Secret Betting Club. Through our contacts in the betting world we have drawn together some of the finest racing minds to get the lowdown on the best betting advice, in order to give you the edge on the bookmaker. Cheltenham is always a huge betting event with the bookmakers taking a huge number of bets on it each year. With the right expertise, Cheltenham week could well turn out to be one of the most lucrative periods of your betting calendar.

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