Sign up to BetClub during December 2011, and if you are not completely satisfied that membership provides value for money within the first 7 days, we will issue a full refund.  Don’t miss this chance to see what we have to offer at BetClub.   [call_to_action title=”Join The BetClub” tag_line=’The complete betting club, only £9.99 […]


The BetClub website officially opened on 1st November 2010 so it is now 1 year old. Full speed Oddsmatcher Since the site opened we have helped plenty of people to earn hundreds or even thousands of pounds from bookies free bets and arbs using our odds matching and arb finding software.  Because we don’t use […]

champs league

The huge Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona has inspired bookies to be unusually generous.  There are a number of excellent offers from several bookmakers already and there may be more before the match finally starts. To see the full range of offers and how to make them profitable, why not take advantage […]

The Badger has just released a new ebook Easy Trader Pro 2, a no nonsense guide to sports trading for the beginner. EasyTraderPro2 is aimed squarly at beginners to the Betfair Trading world and contains clear guides on all aspects of Trading. Trading is making small amounts frequently that add up to a large amount without risking your bank. It can be fun, it can be tedious, it can be frustrating, and it can be exciting when you close out a winning trade. But it takes discipline to do it correctly.

Summer has arrived in Malta so the Juice Team are on holiday for a few weeks. I’m now in Brighton and I’ll be hooking up with John The Gambler at some point. He’s just launched a new social networking site for gamblers that looks interesting (visit). I’ve just joined. We return mid June with a […]