Welcome to the Betfair Profit & Loss Generator v1 (Beta). Click on any element below to change. It might be best to have your P&L open to copy/paste race names and times until we feed these in. Refreshing the page will clear all changes. Leave comments and errors below

25 thoughts on “Betfair Generator

  1. Ha! I’m loving this John.

    Just goes to show those who believe in the necessity to see screenshots on how easy they are to manipulate.

    All the best,


  2. I’m over the moon, thanks to this post I was able to post my first ever £1,000 winning day, I have never found trading so easy :)

  3. hi

    many thanks i will use it for my next blog from £1000 to £1 million in 6 months easy so i can get more readers and boost my adsense


  4. The point is what ???
    Why dont you start living in the real world
    At the end of the day who are you lieing too ? only yourself

  5. Thanks James and Mir, enjoy.

    LOL Leon, only a £1000 per day? When you getting started Adam? I love Adsense BTW.

    And too-much-too-young – your name made me smile. Thanks.

    So what is the point? Well there ain’t one really. I guess we have too much time on our hands. Lee and I do a lot of things here and elsewhere and very often it’s for no other reason but to see if we can. And how easy or difficult it is. Then we either implement the idea or move on. The Betfair Profit and Loss Generator came about, I believe, because of a conversation with another blogger that Lee had on how easy it was to do. It got through the creation, design and approval process. I’m sorry you don’t like it.

    But your comment also reminds me that it’s actually easier to always tell the truth. That way, you don’t have to remember what you said. For our part we have never used copy statements anyway. And I totally agree that making up statements is pointless.

    Have statements been made up elsewhere? Well, IMO, there is no evidence to suggest that. But there are many others who would disagree with me. You can see that in comments in other blogs and forums. And everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Gents, have a great day and yesterday’s show is in the player if you fancy a laugh.

  6. hi, great for us part timers for when we have traded all of Saturday when should be mowing the lawn or something and managed to win £1.16,at least we can show the wife a different P & L.

    cheers gav

  7. Beloved friends,
    (Adam, Mark Iverson and Man of Mystery)
    Ggreetings and what a wonderful moments, when i saw this post of all i do not know how this manipulation happens, one thing points to me if one is not conditoned by fear or greed one can make it like our compassionate Adam Todd ( Racing Traders) my admirable man who has bigger heart in caring to share what
    he has invented to make it possible.
    And people like Adam Todd are worth to be worshiped and i honestly say here and now that he lives in my heart not for giving free usage of his software but his heart to share it with less fortunate like me i thank him and his team and i must say at this moment too the most wonderful people are visiting this site of man of mastery my friend you are all doyans and spring hope in my heartyou guys/gals are like fresh breath in the choked world.
    Thanks, with out border i wish you all abundance of wellness. love
    Easwaran | bbliss47@gmail.com | India

  8. I only noticed on the racingtraders font page today and laughed out loud at the “endorsements” on there. Very funny, thanks for the laugh. (slightly off topic but I love the radio shows and your presenting/interviewing technique.)
    All the best.

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  10. Hi guys

    I just wondered how to use this as I would like to use it to windup my brother as he always says to me ” you’ll never make any money gambling”.

  11. This is a real eye-opener. A great move a against the scamster gangsters! I wish you guys would now design a Betfair betting page where we could check out the “what if” scenarios ie where we put in the odds and the program does the maths. This would be a great help to beginners and also to those trying different strategies.

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